About me

My name is Isabelle and I am currently 22 years old.

I’m a freelance journalist and campaigner, specialising in features and opinion writing on health, disability and culture. I want to help diversify the media by elevating underrepresented and marginalised voices. 

I’ve worked across print, digital, audio and video for a range of outlets including VICE, The Guardian, The Independent, The BMJ, Daily Express, the Meridian, Views Our Own and The Equal Group. 

I have created campaign content and given speeches at events for Just Treatment, Proteostasis Therapeutics, The World Transformed and Global Justice Now. 

As a disabled woman I suffer from Cystic Fibrosis and often write about my experiences of living with an invisible illness in order to offer advice to others and raise awareness through my blog on this platform.

If you want to take a lot at my work then head over to my portfolio